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Growth OS is a validated operational system for Product and Company Growth. It bakes sustainable long-term growth in your company DNA.

The Growth Operating System is a framework that enables you to embed a growth mindset, the right methodology and set of growth tools at the core of  your organisation: this will have a huge impact on both product and business growth.

It was developed by growth science specialists: Yara Paoli, former global VP of growth and marketing at Skyscanner and growth mentor for Chinaccelerator, MOX (SOSV group) and she1K, and her colleague Ewan Nicolson, BBC principal growth and data scientist.
Together they were vital to contribute to the growth of the travel search engine. Skyscanner was eventually acquired for $ 1,74 billion.

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1. Organisational structure and set up

how to set up a growth team where everyone can contribute to your growth, understand the different roles and how you structure the day to day growth processes.

2. How to apply data and technology to drive growth

How to do A/B testing really well, how to measure what really matters, identify your north star metric and how to extract insights from data

3. Culture and performance: how to build high performing growth teams

Understand what individual characteristics make someone great at growth. How to recruit these people and how to create the cultural environment for optimal performance.

DISCLAIMER: our Growth Operating System© is practical knowledge and tools, based on our experience and work. This isn't a theory, this knowledge is something that you can take into your organisation and start applying straight away.

To help others grow their business we created a set of products and learning tools.

Amongst these, the most requested ones are our Growth-OS Assessment Tool© and our 2 days Growth OS crash course, where we will go through all the different components of the Growth-OS.

You will learn through an array of hands-on practical exercises and we will provide you the tools to start growing your company right away.

Among the other tools, just to name a few:

- Product Market Fit metrics kit©

- A/B testing calculator

- Growth Scenarios simulator©

- Interview-for-growth Pack©

and more...

Home: Growth OS components
Giving a Presentation


We are thrilled to announce the dates and details for the next Growth OS course. Take advantage of the chance to learn the science of growth hacking and how to build your own growth operating system.
Book your spot today to make sure it gets reserved!

What do we cover during the Growth OS workshop?

 Introduction to Growth

  • What is growth? Is it the same as  growth hacking or growth marketing?

  • Growth myths

  • Sustainable growth versus fake growth

Growth Science

- Growth Metrics  

- Define your North star metric
        - The metric that tells you if you are growing
    - The pirate metric framework AARRR metrics
        - How you can measure acquisition, activation, retention, referrals, revenue

  - How to simulate scenarios of growth
        - How to measure growth accurately
    - Other growth measures
        - Understanding the long term relationship that you have with your customers
        - Measuring churn and customer lifetime value
        - Growth Funnel analysis
        - Growth Loop analysis
        - Network effects
        - Virality

   - Product market fit
        - Are you growing sustainably?
        - Are you ready to invest in your growth?
        - How to measure product market fit
    - Using metrics within your organisation
        - What makes a great metric?
        - The lifecycle of a metric

 - Experimentation
        - Doing good science in a business setting
        - Designing an A/B test
        - Running an A/B test
        - What to do if your sample size is small

Growth Culture

-The growth people
    - What does a growth team mean?
    - The growth mindset
    - Growth talent
        - Interviewing for great growth talent
        - The knowledge to develop in your team

-What is the best structure for growth?
    - Roles within a growth team
    - Getting your team structure right to support growth culture

- Psychology of growth

    - The psychology of a high performing team

        - The importance of psychological safety

   - Growth mindset at organisational level

        - Your job as an authentic leader

Home: Workshop details
No upcoming events at the moment


Meet the Growth-OS Pte Ltd Team:



Growth Scientist and Growth-Operating-Framework© (GO-Framework©) inventor, Growth-OS founder

Chief Growth Scientist, Ex global VP Growth at Skyscanner, CGO in residence at Preply, Growth Expert in residence at Asics, growth mentor for SOSV's Chinaccelerator, MOX and female angel investor group she1K



Data and Growth Scientist, Growth-OS co-founder

Lead Data Scientist @BBC, ex Principal DS @Skyscanner, oil exploration, online marketing, 14 years of data and computers

Anna Tan.png


Chief Growth Culture Scientist, Senior Executives Coach

25 years’ experience of facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring with numerous and varied clients across Asia Pacific and the UK, across MCN’s industries, Government, public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations. C-suite and top level executives coach across APAC. Specialised on growth culture and growth mindset.

Yvette Lim


Growth-OS financial analyst associate, Founder & CEO of Kwik Look (Growth foundations Tool)

20 years international career in Oil & Gas (Shell Group of Companies), specializing in the economic evaluation of complex multi million / billion dollar investments in Europe and Asia.

Senior growth specialist in evaluation of cash flows, key value drivers, risks, mitigation strategies and hence viability of new business ideas.

Richard Pricing GrowthOS associate


Pricing and commercial growth OS senior strategist

Formerly VP of Pricing & Analytics at RS Components, a leading distributor of Electronic, Electrical & Industrial components, Rick also held similar roles at Asda-Walmart and Thomas Cook   

Rick’s experience in driving corporate pricing strategy, building world-class pricing teams and developing commercial plans to deliver continuous growth alongside improved profitability is of particular relevance to the development of a solid Growth Operating System.



Senior Product and Marketing Automation Associate

Marc is a senior product expert with over 10 years of experience creating and managing global products and leading product and software teams. He creates a clear direction and compelling strategies but he is always execution-oriented and results driven.
His professional expertise covers areas like marketing automation, data enablement and democratisation, experimentation, personalisation and internationalisation.

Lucas H. Weldeghebriel


Entrepreneur and Growth-OS enthusiast

Founded Shifter 3 years ago, Ex-Product Developer and Journalist at Schibster, Host of the leading podcast on innovation (Shifter), eager to help educate startups on how to grow

Home: Growth OS specialists
Growth OS - market analysis - Ewan.PNG


DNB, Media City Bergen, Monner, Kolonial, Spiff, Preply, Badi, Aroundsound, Kwik Look Pte Ltd, and more

Home: Testimonials
Growth OS - testimonial workshop 1.PNG

"I learnt a lot of different things at the workshop today. Some specific targets and tips that we could implement and a recap of some aspects I read about before but in a more formalised and structured manner. It was very interesting to hear how structured we should be with experimentation and also learn how bigger companies do this."

Growth OS workshop - testimonial after c

"One of the most valuable things for me were the tools that we were given that we can use actively daily in the office, for example to test changes we can do to increase conversion.
It was good to get your head above the water,  and get a look into greater strategic ways to implement growth. I definitely  think our company will be better after this workshop".


If you have any questions on the workshop, you want to request an ad-hoc session for you or your team or if you think we can help you or your organisation in building your own growth operating system, please let us know!

Thanks for submitting!

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